Today’s Vibration

For the next 30 days let us go through a thought transformation. Let the Holy Spirit give us a new view to meditate.  Appropriate 30,000 thoughts come into our mind daily, and most of those thoughts are negative. Just imagine if more of those thoughts were positive thoughts. .

We are living in some challenging times; there are bad let’s say evil things are happening all around us, and the news does a good job of keeping us informed. However, we still have to live in this challenging world; no wonder our mind is filled with a lot of negative thoughts daily.

Let us begin our thought transformation by reading mine, in the hope of creating your very own 30-day mediation since we all have to work out our salvation because our life has to customize to who we are so, take some time out of your busy schedule and think about what you are feeling. Analyze your thought process as I bring my thoughts to the forefront.

Day 1

Family pays attention to your thoughts because your greatest enemy is your mind. We have to picture our mind like a bank account what you put in is what you will withdraw. So, from this day forward fill your mind so, full of good thoughts that there is no room for negativity.

Today’s power thought is I will have victory, and any view that is not moving me forward is a distraction and must get out of my mind. It is a new day and a new beginning, I am pushing forward to higher and better thoughts.

My ship has arrived, and I am sailing across the ocean to my destiny because defeat is not in my vocabulary. God has given me victory; I am stronger, powerful and full of ambition fear do not live here anymore. I have success, and I am sailing leaving all negative thoughts that have kept me captive from the better life. My ship is full of power thoughts; all negative thoughts are at the harbor.

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