About Me

I am a mother of three and grandmother of four. My passion for writing led to personalize writing. I started by writing my personal feelings. From writing my own feelings, I began to write poetry. Poetry was a way to express my most inner feelings. As I continued to write, I realized my love of writing and the creativity that comes with it.

Writing began to play a major role in my life because I felt writing daily devotions, inspirational poems, quotes, and a journal is a great way to customize my work. It is also an excellent way to say a lot with few words. Writing for me is the resourcefulness with words to produce something powerful; yet unique and has a substantial impact on someone’s life

Writing gives great pleasure when I see the joy on people faces after I personalize my work to impacts their lives. I have written seven books that are full of poems, daily devotions and quotes. My recent books are intended to function as a greeting card to bring words of appreciation that will put a smile on your loved ones face as I bring forward the uniqueness they placed in your life. My first book titled “Unfolding the Veil” is a collection of poems with photos as I took my Christian walk; they are a reflection of my life and the people that were dear to my heart.