The man I call Dad is a Father and Dad 
As my Dad, you threw me up in the air 
You tickle and wrestle with me 
You even played the monster game 
Dad, those things taught me, self-control, 
and a balance between violence and security 
Dad your consistency prevented 
Behavior problems, like school dropout 
and low academic performance 
I never struggled with feeling abandoned 
Or looking for love in all the wrong place 
Sexual health, mistreatment and abuse 
Is not my story 
When I strayed you guide me back, 
You provided life skill and a shelter, 
Your imprint is full of wisdom and love 
The man I called Dad is no fool 
Nor is he an absent father 
He is a preventive mechanism, 


Andrea Manning

For the rest of the poem click on my book titled “I Never Dreamed I’d Grow up to be the World’s Greatest Uncle”.