Mom, you nor I understood
For life starts as a seed that grows 
A seed that has to be nurtured to remain vibrant and strong 
Somehow, that seed became lost as it grew and matured 
Life is something that neither you nor I will understand
But through the mercy of God, 
that seed was brought into the light 
From the day that I was born, God had a purpose for my life 
It was all laid out 
The path, the road, it’s all there 
The trials and tribulations, they’re all there 
All the experiences and everything I went through 
There was a purpose 
Mom, You nor I understood life’s true meaning
Life has its hardships, its trials, and its tribulations 
Without these challenges, 
life has no meaning; life would be quite dull 
You see Mom – I had to go through it 
I had to become sick and tired of being sick and tired 
And then sick and tired of whom I was 
I had to go through life 
By Andrea Manning

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